Power Behind the Pull-Bryan Brown

Posted by Chief Automotive on Dec 1, 2016 4:30:00 PM

Metal working is one of the world’s oldest professions. A blacksmith has always been one of the most skilled craftsman throughout the ages. They relied on primitive tools like hammers and fire to shape and meld metals. Fast forward to present time and those that work with metals are still very skilled, however their tools are anything but primitive. Many of the tools used in metal working today are cutting edge and constantly evolving, with welders being no exception.

With today’s welders looking more like something out of the Starship Enterprise than a body shop, it is difficult to keep up with all the changes and technologies. At Chief, Bryan Brown is the resident welder “guru” and is the go-to guy for all metal joining questions. Bryan works with a stellar team to keep our customer’s equipment running smooth and efficiently. So let’s take a few minutes to meet the guy that helps keep your shop from having a “melt” down. (okay, we are reaching on that pun)   

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Chief Frame Rack Accessories Add Versatility

Posted by Chief Automotive on Nov 30, 2016 7:00:00 PM

If you’re in charge of the budget at your collision repair shop, you probably meet most requests for new equipment with a few questions of your own. You might try to gauge the ROI of the purchase or determine how often techs will use it, for instance. And you might ask, “Can we upgrade what we have instead?”

The right accessories can help you save money by doing more with tools already in your shop. For example, if you have a frame rack, our structural holding packages can help you properly secure, pull and handle a wider range of vehicles. That means more jobs and more revenue. Wondering if it’s right for you? Here’s a look at how these add-ons work. 

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Measuring Equipment: What are your shop’s options?

Posted by Chief Automotive on Nov 21, 2016 4:15:00 PM

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a T-boned Toyota or a rear-ended Ram pickup, a collision can affect a vehicle’s structure in all directions—width, length and height. For good-as-new repairs that will perform as planned on the road and in any subsequent collision, you obviously need to find all of the damage in every direction.

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Sneak Peek: Unitized Body Analysis and Repair Planning Course

Posted by Chief Automotive on Nov 18, 2016 10:05:00 AM

The best trained techs provide the best repairs. And when you work in an industry that goes through frequent transitions and adjustments, that training needs to be ongoing. Chief University is dedicated to providing up-to-date technician training, on the latest industry advancements, with a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on learning. One common thread across most major car manufacturers today is unibody design. Chief’s Unitized Body Analysis and Repair Planning  is designed for entry level and experienced structural repair technicians who require training in unibody vehicle analysis and repair planning.

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A compact car bench that bears your attention

Posted by Chief Automotive on Nov 9, 2016 7:00:00 AM

A few things you probably didn’t know about the koala: They can only stay awake four hours a day. They cling to trees to lower their body temperature. Their fingerprints are practically indistinguishable from humans. In fact, police sometimes mistake koala prints for human when investigating crimes. This is all true.

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Trucks vs. Cars: The Difference in Collision Repair Equipment

Posted by Chief Automotive on Nov 7, 2016 7:34:00 AM

America’s love affair with trucks continues. Month-over-month pickup sales are outpacing declining car sales. In fact, sales of light-duty trucks are up 8 percent year-over-year through August 2016. In that same time period, cars are down 8 percent. So what does that mean for you and your shop? You need the know-how and the right equipment to repair collisions on these increasingly popular vehicles.

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Employee Rewards Programs for Your Shop

Posted by Chief Automotive on Nov 3, 2016 8:05:00 AM

For decades, “customer satisfaction” was the buzzword, because it was thought to be the key to a successful business. However, recently it’s been said that the success of your business starts a lot closer to home. It starts in your shop with your employees. 

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8 things to consider when thinking about OEM certification

Posted by Chief Automotive on Oct 31, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Auto manufacturers. Insurance companies. Customers. Everyone with input into your business will demand that you’re familiar with the particular complexities and specific design elements of each and every vehicle model you repair. Reputation and professionalism—the hallmarks of the collision repair business for decades—are no longer enough. In fact, without the proper certifications, training and OEM-approved equipment, you’re going to have a hard time staying in business.

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3 Reason Why YOU Need to be at SEMA 2016

Posted by Chief Automotive on Oct 26, 2016 5:30:00 PM

The SEMA Show takes place Nov. 1-4 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Chief booth #10116 in the North Hall Tools & Equipment section will be the home base for the latest product offerings from Chief, Globaljig, Chassis Liner and Chief University brands. 

 "The SEMA Show is the premier automotive specialty products trade event in the world (PLEASE NOTE: THE SEMA SHOW IS NOT OPEN TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC). It draws the industry’s brightest minds and hottest products to one place, the Las Vegas Convention Center. As part of the AAIW, the SEMA Show attracts more than 100,000 industry leaders from more than 100 countries for unlimited profit opportunities in the automotive, truck and SUV, powersports, and RV markets." -

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Learn the Basics Before Welding Aluminum

Posted by Chief Automotive on Oct 26, 2016 5:10:00 PM

In case you haven’t heard, the use of aluminum in car and truck bodies is drastically changing the collision repair landscape. Once reserved for only the most exotic, lightweight vehicles, automakers are increasingly turning to aluminum to improve the fuel efficiency of their most popular models. And as fuel efficiency regulations become more stringent, the use of aluminum will only increase.

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